EngEx2010 - Day 3 - Huge Crowd and Exhausted

My goodness, I don’t know if we fetched the entire population of Sri Lanka, but every thing was packed. My voice was very faint and Pasindu had gone almost mute. Pramod was taking most of the pulling today and I was also there for this help.

We demonstrated and demonstrated to what seemed to be till all eternity. I was most of the time sated as my legs couldn’t take any more standing. Pasindu left a little early.

At the end we had a little party in the burger stall with some Coke. Exhausted we still had to pull our computers (the CRT monitors and every thing else) to the 5th floor.

I couldn’t take it any more. I literally was crawling my way down sitting down every few steps. The rain had made the car park muddy and people had problems moving their cars. I took the car around the car park and jumped to the tar road to avoid getting stuck.

Was home by 2 AM and mum was still awake.