EngEx2010 - Day 2 - Great impressions

Oh boy! Didn’t we see some heavy traffic today. Yesterday was peaches to what we saw today. I came home at almost midnight. I am exhausted but there is some thing important to write down.

First time in our recorded history, we got a Rs. 100,000 rupee donation. Thats more than 4 months my mums salary. Wow!

There was this guy who was really enthusiatic about what we were doing. I was having issues explaining as my voice was going off. Both Pramod and Pasindu also joined it. Seen the scene Dr. Elkaduwa also moved in. We were later told that we had received an donation and that it is the first of its kind. He asked what we would like to do, we said we would liek a computer been purchased for the CE.

Again the same sad situation is there. Girls are skipping our stall for the game next door. I feel like throwing him off the window.

But there was this one Muslim girl with here boyfriend showing a lot of interest and smiled at me. Pramod was like I should ask for th enumber but I was worried I will get a slap in my face.