Peek - Screen to GIF Tool

An image is worth a thousand words, it is said. This begs the question, how much does a an animated GIF worth. It gives all the flexibility of an image while providing most of the benefits of a video.

I am a freelance computer engineer and I make websites and web applications. I get to work with a wide variety of clients. Some of them highly technical and some of them noobs. Regardless of whom, it seems every one is happy to work with GIFs. I make quick GIFs to capture the features of a new feature. Then I will drag it to Slack, Github Issues or JAIRA and they all will show it without a fuss. The client instantly knows what I am talking about and it saves significant time specially when you are working on a lot of issues.

Here is an example GIF I made recently.

Peek generated GIF



The above example was created using Peek, a free and open source application. How ever this application is not available in Windows. To install you would…

For Ubuntu you can use the package manager or get the latest through the officially maintained PPA

~# sudo add-apt-repository ppa:peek-developers/stable
~# sudo apt update
~# sudo apt install peek

ArchLinux users would require to use

~# pacman -S peek

And fedora users use…

~# sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo
~# sudo dnf install peek

or for Fedora 26

~# sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo
~# sudo dns install peek


ScreenToGif is a Windows application which has a similar feature set like Peak. This is also free and open source. While I haven’t used the application my self (I don’t have Windows) I hear it is a good tool. Unfortunately Windows doesn’t have a good software distribution platform like many Linux distributions do. Thus you will have to go to the website and download and install it your self.

Visit: ScreenToGif


Peak and ScreenToGif are the two applications I know of. If you know another good application, let me know in the comments below.