Ubuntu 18.04 - UpWork Screenshot Error

Today was going to be the first day I would use Ubuntu 18.04 for work. Been a freelancer working through UpWork it is important that the UpWork tracker would work. It installed fine but when I used it this morning I noticed that there were no images in the screen shots taken. Some thing was wrong. I logged in to UpWork and my suspicions were proved when it red “Screenshot coming soon”.

The issue couldn’t have been due to a dependency. If it was, then UpWork wouldn’t install at all. Then it occurred to me that I was on Wayland and I had a hiccup with a screen capture app as well. I then logged out and logged in using XOrg.

To do this…

Thats it, after that your UpWork tracker will work fine.

PS: I kind of like how the new UpWork client workspace is. Every thing seems to be grouped neatly. Good work UpWork!