Fix Windows WSL Ubuntu/Bash Not Opening

We live in an interesting age. As the CEO of GivingFire told, who thought we would live in a time where we would download Ubuntu (Bash) from the Windows store!

How ever last night when I booted my Windows laptop to make some changes to my pet project “Home” I noticed that Ubuntu Bash was not opening. There were no errors. It just hung there without any output indefinitely.

After some reading this morning I found out a solution. Here are the steps. In summary what you need to do is to set a custom page size (ex: 800).

Try it out and yours might work.

This is not the only reason why it would fail. But this fixed the issue for me.

As one developer said “I tried Linux, and it works”. WSL is really slow. I am a Rails developer and I find it take up to 15 seconds to start Rails. Not only that I changes in controllers etc will require restart. Its hell to work there. But if you really have to, its much more battery efficient than using some thing like Vagrant with Virtual Box.

Hope this solved for you.