Is Kaspersky Dangerous?

Installing Windows without an antivirus is such a dumb idea, Microsoft started making their own.

Antivirus is serious business in the virus infested Microsoft Windows echosystem. Security experts are warning government agencies about Kaspersky and advising to axe the product. Barclays has warned 290,000 about Kaspersky. Should you worry about Kaspersky? Should you ditch Kaspersky?

Kaspersky Problem

There is no proof that Kaspersky has helped Russian hackers. What has happened is that a stupid American has taken top secret digital files and opened them in his personal computer. If I am correct these files were viruses / malware built by the Americans. The files have been flagged by Kaspersky security and reported with its contents to Kaspersky servers for further analysis in fear of a new kind of virus.

This data has got displaced. This behavior is normal for all antivirus providers. These data help them make more secure future products. I guess this goes against Uncle Sams and Aunty Queens plans to illegally access your devices.

Is Kaspersky wrong? The only ting wrong about Kaspersky is that they are Russian. Russia is no saint, but they seem to be a responsible world power. They are fixing terrorism problems financed by Uncle Sam and Aunty Queen in Syria.

Barclays & British Problem

I know Barclays for their shit payment gateway. I really-really hated it! I am not sure if they have updated it since I have lately not worked with any Brits.

Barclays hit the news head lines many times with the word “fraud”. If they are really serious about their customer security as they claim, I bet they will have to warn their customers about their sorry choice of bank!

Then comes tbe British problem. They are in a downward spiral. Not so long ago, had the Empire, and they lost it. They had Gold which they extorted from other countries. They lost it. Then they were in the EU. Again, they lost it! I would say, the British should be worried about Brits than Russians!

They all are a bunch of whining looser trying to get attention.

Yet I am worried! Alternatives…

Sure… Do the wise thing, leave the sinking ship. Leave Windows and move to Linux. I know its not easy at first, but later you will be like “Windows is so complicated, unreliable and insecure… WTF was I doing there”.

Your Android phone is Linux! There are a variety of Linux distributions. Some good for beginners and some only suite the geeks. I would like to recommend you to start with Ubuntu. It has a great community and you will find a lot of support online in places like “Ask Ubuntu”.

Thinking about Apple / Mac? Its a good choice. You know what is a better choice? Hugging a fast moving train! Microsoft are busy with malware. Apple is busy figuring out how to implement password auth. Apples can be accessed without a password. Don’t believe me, read this.


Goodness gracious! You must be one heck of a whiner. Just keep your Kaspersky unless you are a looser making virus and malware!