Ubuntu Timeout Outlook Mail

I am a freelance web developer. E Mail is a very important part of my business. But suddenly I was not able to access MS Outlook (web) in my Ubuntu machine. But then I heard the notification from my Windows box. I checked and both the Mail client and the web app were working fine.

I searched the web. A Ask Ubuntu answer said to setup the DNS server. That didn’t work for me.

Then I did a wget to find out if it was related to a browser.

wget https://outlook.office.com/?releam=jdeen.com

The output of wget suggested that it was getting redirected to https://login.microsoftonline.com. Then time outs.

Then I loaded the URL. After a few seconds of resolving domain name it redirected to the dashboard. I noticed that in the Windows machine the redirect is almost instantaneous. Not sure what is up. It looks like a DNS issue. How ever now I can check my mail.

Summary: Visit login.microsoftonline.com