The Unusual Interview

In my 6 year UpWork attached freelance career I have applied to 208 jobs and been hired 43 times. But I have only been interviewed by voice or video twice by a customer. The first was a Dubai based company and the latter happened last Thursday.

My profile is generally “Not available for work” as I am always busy! How ever, an UpWork Talent Specialist recommended me to check out a job description and apply if I am free. The project was to start by December 4th and since my part time gig was coming to an end before that I just applied.

To my surprise, I was asked if I can face an interview. I took the interview as the last as I was away. Then I noticed that the interviewer was on US time zone and only then did I check the client profile which was US it self resulting a conflict (I work 30 hrs/week for a California based company). I was hoping for either European or Australian.

How ever; at the end; today I was politely informed that I was not chosen.

That was a first for me. I mean, I wouldn’t my self take the time to say they were not chosen. I would say they appear to be some really interesting guys.

Kudos for the guys at : SelectStar