Petrol Crisis

If economy is a body, petrol is its blood. Sri Lanka faced a petrol crisis recently. While it shows signs of political conspiracy it also highlights inefficiencies of the government.

The “Yahapalana” government came in to power to make a difference. In just 3 months the Central Bank bond scandal took place. The accused former CB governor is a friend of Ranil and not only did he endorse him, he also took responsibility of his actions. It seems they are corrupt as any one else.

The bond scandal removed the Ravi Karunanayake as the finance minister. He then took on the foreign ministry portfolio. Where he was removed for good following concerns regarding circumstances of purchase of a penthouse.

Then former Cricketer Arjuna Ranathunga comes under fire as the petrol pumps in the island go dry. Its good that fuel that didn’t meet the quality standards were rejected. But it appeared that there was pressure on him by ministers to release unload the tanker.

While the petrol issue is coming to an end, the disruption it caused cannot be ignored.

While it may be easy ot just point the finger at the government, I think this is why I think we need to allow the private sector to compete. I don’t mean just fuel. Private sector should be welcomed in all sectors. It is no secret they out perform governments.