The Must Haves - Drivers Edition

Even if you are the most obedient driver, you will one day get stopped in the road, that guy today was my self. This is a list of what you must have when you drive in Sri Lanka.

I have had a drivers license for 12 years but have been driving for much longer. I drive great distances and am capable of maintaining discipline in the road. With all that… Today 2 cops stopped me about a 3rd of the distance from Kurunegala to Colombo, for no apparent reason.

I had all but not the original revenue license. I actually keep it in the car, but this morning I took it out to make a photocopy as the one I had pasted in the windshield had fallen. While I stuck the new photocopy in the windshield I had forgot my original on the photocopy machine.

They were like “We are going to write a ticket, because we can”. After appealing to their humane nature I was able to walk away.

Make sure, you keep your originals in the car, to avoid the embarrassment.