PostgreSQL 9.6 High Performance Discount

I noticed that some some reports generated in are taking a little time. Curious I looked in to the matter. The query in interest was joining 5 tables 2 of which had millions of rows and others having over 100k. I was curious to if and how I could tune the performance of the query.

That is when I did some looking around for some good books to read.

I found that the book PostgreSQL 9.6 High Performance is a good book. It was priced about $42 in Amazon. I did some looking around and I noticed that Packet Publications a discounted offer for the book and another Mastering PostgreSQL. While the latter wouldn’t be much of a use to me, both to gather cost only $35.00. It would be a great bargain for some one interested in both books.

If that is you, is the place you need to look.