Yahapalanaya - The great cockup

You remember a time people disappeared abducted in white vans? There is news that the abducted were taken to military bases before they vanished off the surface of earth! You remember people meeting with accidents just because they knew a birthmark of a girl the prince has been interested in? Remember the king going go release a drug lord who was was detained by authorities in live TV? Remember people getting shot and killed by the Army when they protested for drinking water. Remember great investments were made on roads that washed away on rain? Remember the same bridge been open lane by lane as if a new bridge was made?

A new beginning

That is just some of the fun people in one January 8th decided to say no to! The once invincible dictator Mahinda Rajapaksha was defeated in his 3rd attempt to secure rulership by a unlikely candidate Maithreepala Sirisena. Sirisena the secretariat of the former president (currently the Kurunegala District MP) Mahinda Rajapaksha victory was only possible with the alliance with teh UNP led by Ranil Wickramasinghe. While this is an explosive mixture with different ideologies, it was necessary.

Ranil Wikramasinghe, the world record holder on election defeats, who was been in the opposition for almost “for ever”, became the prime minister.

Peoples demanded change

People demanded one thing. Good governance, no corruption and the recovery of the economy from the debt of the last government. It was not too much to ask and that was what was promised in their marketing material.

Thieves in the previous government would face justice. Living quality will improve. Corruption will be stopped. These were the mantra they chanted in every election rally.

What happened

From the very beginning they showed concerning signs among significant improvement. I must say regardless of how many protests there has been no disappearences or deaths. People for unjust reasons are on strike highly inconveniencing the general public. Among all that the Central Bank bond issue comes in to light. I consider it the single biggest cockup done by the government.

The good thing is, there is an investigation initiated by the president Maithreepala Sirisena. People have been interrogated including the prime minister. No reporter reporting the incident died. Its an improvement. Since it is an active investigation I will not comment on the issue.

But what I can say is, the accused Arjun Mahendran, is a friend of Ranil and the UNP. I even recall the PM giving guarantees about him. The guy was controversial from the very beginning. It was said he worked remotely from Singapore.

In such case, I think the PM should have resigned. While the UNP tried to market the deposition saying Ranil was the “Fearless PM”, I think the more accurate term is “Shameless PM”.

Where I stand

To be frank, I used to give no fuck about politics. But now, I can’t say I don’t. Politics has profound effect on life and simply cannot be ignored.

My first vote was for Sirisena. I wanted to end the terror rule. The second vote for UNP in parliament elections to giver power to the new government so they have a chance. This time, I am not so sure.

The main issue is peoples choice. Do you think those with concern will not get votes next election? No, they will get votes. Majority of people in Sri Lanka are stupid. That is why it is hard to fix.

I thought there was hope for this country, but I stand corrected. Its time I start looking to leave this hell-hole for good!