Moment Lenses in Sri Lanka

I heard about Moment lenses from a few YouTube personalities. But I was never convinced to to get one. I believed it would be a waste of money and that the image quality would be bad. Today I stand corrected. The image quality of moment lenses is good, I don’t fully agree with the price though.

If you are interested in some moment lenses; the chances are that you have looked locally without success. Fortunately they ship internationally through DHL. That is what I did. It came to SL in a matter of days but got stuck in customs for longer. I paid almost Rs. 10,000/= in duty and charges on top of a purchase which was about Rs. 70,000/= (including shipping). I ordered the macro lens, super fish lens, and wide lens with a S9+ case from B & H Photo.

A few friends told me ship it to their address and that they will ship it them selves or bring it when they come to SL.

But, I think DHL is a safe and quick way to get the products. I got it within a week even with the customs interference. I used the Super Fish lens to shoot video of a get-together. I am personally happy to pay extra for a speedy and premium service. If you are interested in saving some Rupees and Cents, I suggest you rethink your supply chain, at least for this purchase.

Billing Details Breakdown


DHL charges…