BlackRapid Curve Breathe in Sri Lanka

I got my 77D last year. I’d loved it, I wish I had gone for a full frame though. One thing that has always bothered me is how to carry it. The default camera strap is good, but is a Cannon advertisement (Nikon is much worst relatively). So I have been keeping an eye for a better way to carry a camera.

That is when I noticed that Camera LK guys had advertised in their website regarding the Black Rapid Breathe Curve. It most definitely fitted my requirements. Happy the next day I dressed up and called the store to be sure if they had it in stock. But they didn’t. I checked back 2 weeks later and yet they didn’t.

I tried many camera shops that I had never visited. I noticed that their websites were not in sync with their inventories.

So today I decided to go online and I ordered it from USA. It might take about 2 - 4 weeks to come here. Its cost me less than the advertised price in Camera LK. I don’t mind paying more if it was available!