Shotgun Mics for DSLR in Sri Lanka

Modern day digital cameras do a good job with videos. But they all have one major fall back. Some of them don’t have in built mics and if they do its of horrible quality. A shot gun mic will improve the quality of recordings significantly.

I was curious about making some video tutorials. That is when I looked around for a affordable shotgun microphone for my DSLR. Rode is a high quality product, but its expensive. I was thinking of some thing Chinese.

Sri Lanka - Not photographers paradise

Sri Lanka is not a geeks country. Finding equipment is difficult if not impossible. I did some look around in the Internet and got an idea of what to look for. I found out some decent Chinese brands and made a small list. Then I went shopping.

I started in the Cannon camera store. They didn’t have any. Then I went to Camera LK. They said that they were out of stock. I asked why they didn’t have any sort of microphone. The guy said that they don’t sell much so they only maintain a small stock.

Then I called few stores and got the same response.

E Commerce for the Rescue

I hate shopping because I don’t always find what I want. That is hardly an issue today thanks to e-commerce. I buy products through Ebay, Amazon and even other sites when I find what I need that I can’t source locally.

For the mic, I hed to Ebay. I found Takstar SGC 598. I looked in to the reviews and they were good. So I thought of giving it a try. Nearly a month later, I got my hands on my purchase.

This is the one I bought: Ebay - Takstar SGC 598


The item was well wrapped and came without a dent in very good packing. I was surprised its quality of packing for a Chinese product.

Here is what I think…

Overall I would give it a 4+ / 5 stars for bang-per-buck. But if quality is to be the only factor to consider it will be like a 3.5/5 compared to some thing like a Rode VideoMIC Pro.


You are probably better off looking online for a shot-gun microphone. But if you find one locally, do leave a comment.

The Takstar mic is a good product and doesn’t feel cheep. It has decent quality. It will give you significant improvement over the inbuilt mic.

Bad sound recording will ruin event the best video. This is just $30. If you have a DSLR or a mirror-less with a mic-in, go for it. If you have some extra money go for the Rode.