Cannon Camera Connect Issues Fix

I don’t celebrate birthdays but mum wanted to have a cake. She rarely asks for some thing. So I got a cake. She also wanted to get some photos. I thought no problem. I took out my 77D, stuck it to a tripod and connected it to my phone.

But things were not going well. It was very difficult to connect, specially after disconnecting once. Some times I had to restart both the camera and phone. It took so long, the batteries started to drain. I was disappointed. I thought I should have gone for a Fuji or similar with 4K video.

Today there was an update to the Android version of the app. I tried the app again and to my surprise it worked perfectly. Connectivity was fast and had no issues connecting to the camera multiple times.

If you have similar issues, make sure your apps are up to date.

Thank you Cannon.