Cannon 77D from Metropolitan

Strong beams of light penetrated my window and the time was 8AM. I rushed and got ready. I haven’t got ready in the morning in the last 5 years. It was tough, but totally worth it, today I am going to buy my first camera. Months of online research came to a halt last night concluding in favor of the Cannon 77D.

I stopped by the Metropolitan PhotoHub, the Cannon Agent in Sri Lanka. It is a decent place. It is situated near (more or less in front of) the Bambalapitiya Holy Family Convent.

I entered the shop. I waked over the showcased cameras and noticed that the 77D was not on display. I looked in the eye of the representative who walked towards me and said, “77D, I am here to buy one with the EF-S 18-55mm lens”.

We talked about the warranty, pricing and the cash-back-offer. It was some 17k. That makes it cheaper than CameraLK, if I get it. I also got a EF-S 55-250mm telephoto lens to get a decent coverage in focal-lengths.

Then I paid the money and in the mean time the rep went to the stores to get my camera. It took a while and I was looking at the nice Camera bags that were there. The rep took some time to come back but when he did, there she was. He told me that, I am the first official 77D customer in Sri Lanka, how cool is that?

I knew nothing about the camera. I had only held it once. The rep was very helpful and I had a pleasant experience. I, a photography noob, walked out of the store with my own ‘enthusiast level’ camera.

Mission accomplished, I said to my self as ignited the engine to head back home hungry, but happy!