Thumula Gets Married

I just got home from Thumula Jayathilake’s wedding. I’d make this an opportunity to wish them a great future. The wedding was at the Grand Kandyan, my first visit there, and a beautiful and great hotel.

I met Thumula on the orientation ceremony. If I remember correct, he asked me for a pen, and that is when we had a chat and I got to know that he was around Katugastota. I looked for him that evening when we went to the Akbar Canteen but he was not to be found.

Few days later I met him in the Katugastota Peradeniya (Petroleum Corporation) bus. I also got to know Susantha Wijesekara and Anuradha Herath who lived close by. I was warned many times by ragging seniors indirectly not to keep close friendships with them. Been the stubborn one and anti raggers not been the ones psychologically traumatized I preferred their friendship. In the mean time I maintained a blog that got me in some serious hot water.

One day Susantha suggested I come to the common room to have a chat with some seniors and I became ALA.

Since then I would often meet Thumula because we would come in the same bus, live in the common room, and go in the same bus even if lectures finished early. When I would bring the car, I would give him a ride and vice versa.

Today (well technically yesterday) I met him almost after 6 years. Its been a long time. It was nice to meet some of my old friends.

And again… good luck guys!

Rails Unique Validate Broken

Last Friday I was implementing a feature for a Rails 3 website. It required kind of a ‘bulk insert’ form. Based on the relationships a nested form setup powered by Cocoon gem was possible. The client was happy of the speed of delivery and for a moment I was hero.

Then came the complain that the form allowed him to create 2 duplicate reocrds. I was suspicious, so I looked at the staging server my self. Bingo! There indeed was a duplicate. This was not a probelm if we tried to create a new record for some thing already in the database. But it will not validate uniqueness for the nested form.

To see there is an open issue from quite some time.


It was a little dissapointing to see such an issue still been open with no PR on the matter. Planning to get it fixed and a PR made when I get free.

VSCode Plugin Not Working

Today I opened VSCode in my Windows 10 laptop to write a blog post. To my dissapointment the VIM Plugin was not working.

I tried various commands I would use with the VIM plugin. Nothing worked. It was as if the VIM plugin was not installed. I tried uninstalling the plugin and then reinstalling it. The issue prevailed.

Then I decided to remove the plugins folder thinking it might be a permission issue or some thing similar. I had to install VIM plugin for VSCode and also a whole lot of other plugins. But now it works. I later found out from a collegue that it is not uncommon. How ever I have never had such an issue in Linux.

So in short

  • Remove ~/.vscode/plugins
  • Open VSCode
  • Install the plugin

It should be working.

Upgrade to S9 Plus?

Did you check out the S9 and S9+. Simply say, Samsung nailed it! Its a great phone, but I feel its just an improved S8. But if you are in need of a new phone, it is a good phone, with great specifications. I love the AR-imogi, the duel aperture camera, the noise reduction methodologies used and the impressive 960 FPS slow-mo video. Mum was like, “so are you going to buy one?” and my answer was “no”.

I own a Note 3. Yes it is a relic that belongs in the museum but it does the job. With 3 GB RAM, Super Amoled screen, a decent camera and plenty of storage and sufficiently fast 3.5G broad band mobile internet I have just about all I need. Her battery is at 62% in terms of original capacity. My policy to upgrade requires 1 battery replacement which I can only do if it goes below 50% of original capacity.

But that is not all. The S9 was mainly an improved S8. The phones camera has a lot of improvements and new features. But I think they are keeping the good stuff for the 10th anniversary. At this point the Galaxy S will be just Galaxy.

So I thought of skipping the S9. I will see what they put in the Note 9. But I bet it will follow a similar trend. In that case, I wonder, if I have enough juice to wait for the Note 10.

BlackRapid Curve Breathe in Sri Lanka

I got my 77D last year. I’d loved it, I wish I had gone for a full frame though. One thing that has always bothered me is how to carry it. The default camera strap is good, but is a Cannon advertisement (Nikon is much worst relatively). So I have been keeping an eye for a better way to carry a camera.

That is when I noticed that Camera LK guys had advertised in their website regarding the Black Rapid Breathe Curve. It most definitely fitted my requirements. Happy the next day I dressed up and called the store to be sure if they had it in stock. But they didn’t. I checked back 2 weeks later and yet they didn’t.

I tried many camera shops that I had never visited. I noticed that their websites were not in sync with their inventories.

So today I decided to go online and I ordered it from USA. It might take about 2 - 4 weeks to come here. Its cost me less than the advertised price in Camera LK. I don’t mind paying more if it was available!