Translator gets its name - EngSin

The last 2 weeks have been real crazy. We had been always at university staying sate trying to find a solution to our translation probelm. We red a lot of documents, white paper, and blog posts to find information. We also looked into videos made by teachers who teach English locally.

Finally we came to an understanding on how things should be. In an abstract fashion, we would extract meta information, break down sentencs to chunks that are most of the time just words, generate a pattern of it, and decide on an rearranging pattern. Finally we will rearraneg the sentence and translate it word by word, a dictionary translation.

Once we had some thing sizable, we decided to go to give it a name. We came up with EngSin (or English-Sinhalese translator).

It uses C# on .NET 3.5 powered by a SQLServer 2008. So far it is not great, but it seems to be coming some where and Dr. Elkaduwa is interested.

English Sinhala Language Translator for EngEx2010

As second year students, we were helping out the staff and seniors for the engineering exhibition, EngEx2010, to come. I was assigned to for logic networks related demonstration showing boolean logic in action using electronic components. But things changed soon when the staff realized that final years were not going to live to their commitments and suddenly we had a void of projects to display. So we were tasked with picking up a final year project and get some thing done.

I decided to team up with Pramod and Pasidu. Been the debating type trio, we took few days to come to a decision on what kind of project to do and realized almost all easily doable projects were gone and the hard to achieve English/Sinhalese translator was the only thing on board.

We had a discussion with Dr. Elkaduwa about the approach and he is the project supervisor. After some quick reading we came to an understanding to implement it using a pattern based approach, which seemed simplest.

Here we are, doing a project rejected even by our super seniors to be done in 1 year, going to achieve it in 4 weeks! Face palm, heavy sigh, may God bless us all!