PostgreSQL 9.6 High Performance Discount

I noticed that some some reports generated in are taking a little time. Curious I looked in to the matter. The query in interest was joining 5 tables 2 of which had millions of rows and others having over 100k. I was curious to if and how I could tune the performance of the query.

That is when I did some looking around for some good books to read.

I found that the book PostgreSQL 9.6 High Performance is a good book. It was priced about $42 in Amazon. I did some looking around and I noticed that Packet Publications a discounted offer for the book and another Mastering PostgreSQL. While the latter wouldn’t be much of a use to me, both to gather cost only $35.00. It would be a great bargain for some one interested in both books.

If that is you, is the place you need to look.

Linux Rolling Release Mistake

Linux rolling releases are not for every one. If you are like me, valuing stability, Debian is your best bet. I tried Antergos, an Arch Linux installer. I had issues and 2 days later I had to move back to Ubuntu.

I love Ubuntu! I marketed Ubuntu as a university student. I have never felt the need to hop linux distributions. But last Friday was an exception. Following the SSD upgrade in my work laptop I decided to try Antergos gnome version.

The installer wasn’t impressive. The UI wouldn’t let you to login to an WiFi with a password. I had to use the command line to configure the WiFi. The rest took a long time to install too. It was the longest OS installation I have handled in my whole life.

After installing, I started tweaking Gnome. Few hours and I was able to make it look really cool. Any software I installed was bleeding edge. Some were actually alpha releases.

It didn’t take long for me to experience my first bug. I managed to work around it. Just a few hours later I had the next bug. In that case I had to downgrade the lib. Guess what, rolling releases are about cutting edge! You need a separate tool to downgrade. At the end I managed to get all to work.

Then the following Monday I started working on my UpWork projects. I noticed that the UI would kind of freeze momentarily. Following some comments online I booted using XOrg which didn’t help. Then I installed NVIDIA drivers. The issue persisted.

Just few hours before 9AM West Cost time, I decided to give up and move to Ubuntu.

The installation went cream smooth and really fast. Within an hour I setup my development tools and configured for testing.

Rolling releases are not for every one. I am thinking of installing Arch (plain old Arch and not Antergos) in my secondary laptop. If stability is your concern look no further than Debian. I like Ubuntu.

Laptop Upgrade to SSD

My SSD arrived in post on 2nd shipped from Hong Kong. It was a Kingston V300 240GB SSD which I got for $99 shipping included. Earlier I received the HDD Caddy again from Ebay. I finished my work on Friday early and opened up my Asus K55VD with hopes it will be faster by the end of the day. That is what happened.

Given my track record of breaking things, my mum was concerned. I waited for her to take a nap in the afternoon and started the operation.

The outers screws came out easy. But the screws holding the HDD container to the body of the laptop was hard. After a little play it came out. The screws holding the HDD to the container was the worst offender of the day. I had to try many times to get it un-screwed without damaging the thread. Oh boy! My hand really hurt.

By the time I got the second screw, mum walked up to my office room with a cup of tea and a WTH expression in her face. I explained I am upgrading the computer and she was like “how is breaking an upgrade”.

I finally got the screws out. The took place of the HDD. Then I removed the DVD W/R. This can be easily done by removing the rectangular small sticker on the back of the body. Then you have access to a screw. Once you remove it you can pull out the optical drive.

Once you remove it from the machine, you can use a pin to push on the emergency eject button and open up the tray. Otherwise you can just keep the tray ejected before shutting down the computer. There will be a clip on the side. When you press it the outer lip of the drive will come out.

Fit this lip to the HDD caddy. Also pin the HDD derive to the HDD Caddy. Once done just push it inside and screw it back in.

That is it! Now you have a Hybrid Drive. In the case of the Asus K55, that is nearly 1TB (240GB + 750GB).

I installed Ubuntu (after 2 days of Antergos foo-do) and Damn wasn’t it fast! That was even with all my engineering applications installed and running in boot. It is not as fast as my current laptop which is the 7th Gen HP Envy 15 which has an nVME disk but that is plenty.

Cannon 77D from Metropolitan

Strong beams of light penetrated my window and the time was 8AM. I rushed and got ready. I haven’t got ready in the morning in the last 5 years. It was tough, but totally worth it, today I am going to buy my first camera. Months of online research came to a halt last night concluding in favor of the Cannon 77D.

I stopped by the Metropolitan PhotoHub, the Cannon Agent in Sri Lanka. It is a decent place. It is situated near (more or less in front of) the Bambalapitiya Holy Family Convent.

I entered the shop. I waked over the showcased cameras and noticed that the 77D was not on display. I looked in the eye of the representative who walked towards me and said, “77D, I am here to buy one with the EF-S 18-55mm lens”.

We talked about the warranty, pricing and the cash-back-offer. It was some 17k. That makes it cheaper than CameraLK, if I get it. I also got a EF-S 55-250mm telephoto lens to get a decent coverage in focal-lengths.

Then I paid the money and in the mean time the rep went to the stores to get my camera. It took a while and I was looking at the nice Camera bags that were there. The rep took some time to come back but when he did, there she was. He told me that, I am the first official 77D customer in Sri Lanka, how cool is that?

I knew nothing about the camera. I had only held it once. The rep was very helpful and I had a pleasant experience. I, a photography noob, walked out of the store with my own ‘enthusiast level’ camera.

Mission accomplished, I said to my self as ignited the engine to head back home hungry, but happy!

Cannon 77D Available at Metropolitan (Agent)

Memories are important, I learnt it the hard way. Since I started valuing a good photo/video I have been looking for a decent camera to buy. I started with the Sony A6000. It was too old, though it was in par with even modern DSLRs in the price range. It was also compact. But I changed my mind when I noticed the Cannon 77D.

I checked out the 77D in CameraLK. Almost instantly I fell in love with the camera and determined to get one my self. A friend of mine advised me to check the dealers. One-and-a-half months back they, Metropolitan (M Center), didn’t have it and said the first stock will arrive in a couple months time.

Today I checked with them over the phone and got a surprise news.

The 77D is available. With the 18-55mm kit lens it costs nearly 150,000 rupees. How ever there seems to be cash-back deal. That is they return some thing around 17,000 rupees later by cheque. That means it is a good price for the camera.

You might want to stop by the M-Center in Bambalapitiya if you like to have a look. I am busy and might need to wait till next week to get my hands on one.