Node vs Rails - The Stupid Comparison

I was interested in finding benchmark results for Node vs Ruby. The article on Medium titled “Node vs Rails Comparison 2017, which is best for web development?” caught my eye. I opened the article or one reason. I wanted find out who the blithering idiot who compared a language to a framework!

What is wrong

As I said, Rails is a web development framework built using the Ruby language. Node js is a language. It is scary that morons who don’t know the difference between a language and a framework are in the software business. Its like comparing the Sinhalese language to Hamlet by Shakespeare. One is a language, the other is a product of another language.

Ruby on Rails

Before we go to Rails, lets talk about Ruby. Ruby is a beautiful language. Even a user with no coding experience might understand well written Ruby. This is because the language uses minimal clutter to look important. Ruby does more with little code.

Then comes Ruby on Rails. Rails is a web application framework. It is written using Ruby. What it specializes is building complicated websites, business applications etc with minimal effort.

Node JS

Its basically JavaScript (that powers the browser) made to run on computers (servers). Node is capable of asynchronous I/O where Ruby doesn’t. This comes handy when your app uses external services extensively. In such cases you will save a lot of saving in server side.

Node is a language. The only thing it can be compared with is Ruby. Period!

Node has its own set of frameworks like Rails. But that is not what the idiots are doing. They are comparing Node to Rails.

Clients should not choose platforms

For starters, leave platform selection to an engineer. Think you are going to make a house. You say your requirements, not in to the technological level.

I need a house with 4 bedrooms, attached toilets and at least 3000sqft in my 10p land. The house needs to be built using straw.

I guess you get my point! Yes, that is how some of you sound!

How a platform is decided

Any application can be built using any language / platform. Some platforms are efficient in some scenarios but not so in others. How do I know? I have been in the business of application development for nearly 10 years. I have worked on PHP, Python, Java, C#, VB, Scala, ColdFusion in the past. Ruby and Node are my preferred languages at present. I have built multiple SaaS applications, e-commerce stores, business applications, CRMs, ERPs and membership sites.

Deciding a platform is a engineering as well as financial/management problem.

Todays applications are so complex, at one point no single platform can do an optimal job in all its requirements. That is why lately application development hsa ventured in to micro services. Simply say, we build applications as small components. For example it will have a web app built using Ruby Sinatra, a search engine powered by elastic and a chat application powered by Node. They will be woven to gather using APIs to give the feeling of one large seamless application.


Software development is complicated business. Any idiot can build a 5 page website. But when it comes to building complicated applications, you need a good foundation. It will save you a ton of money in the long term and a lot of embarrassment.

I will be glad to help, otherwise you can find some really good developers in UpWork.

Shotgun Mics for DSLR in Sri Lanka

Modern day digital cameras do a good job with videos. But they all have one major fall back. Some of them don’t have in built mics and if they do its of horrible quality. A shot gun mic will improve the quality of recordings significantly.

I was curious about making some video tutorials. That is when I looked around for a affordable shotgun microphone for my DSLR. Rode is a high quality product, but its expensive. I was thinking of some thing Chinese.

Sri Lanka - Not photographers paradise

Sri Lanka is not a geeks country. Finding equipment is difficult if not impossible. I did some look around in the Internet and got an idea of what to look for. I found out some decent Chinese brands and made a small list. Then I went shopping.

I started in the Cannon camera store. They didn’t have any. Then I went to Camera LK. They said that they were out of stock. I asked why they didn’t have any sort of microphone. The guy said that they don’t sell much so they only maintain a small stock.

Then I called few stores and got the same response.

E Commerce for the Rescue

I hate shopping because I don’t always find what I want. That is hardly an issue today thanks to e-commerce. I buy products through Ebay, Amazon and even other sites when I find what I need that I can’t source locally.

For the mic, I hed to Ebay. I found Takstar SGC 598. I looked in to the reviews and they were good. So I thought of giving it a try. Nearly a month later, I got my hands on my purchase.

This is the one I bought: Ebay - Takstar SGC 598


The item was well wrapped and came without a dent in very good packing. I was surprised its quality of packing for a Chinese product.

Here is what I think…

  • Great packing, SL Post safe ;)
  • Decent quality
  • Sounds a little bit sharp out of the box but I bet this can be fixed post
  • Does seem to pick up some sound from the sides (it should be weaker IMO)

Overall I would give it a 4+ / 5 stars for bang-per-buck. But if quality is to be the only factor to consider it will be like a 3.5/5 compared to some thing like a Rode VideoMIC Pro.


You are probably better off looking online for a shot-gun microphone. But if you find one locally, do leave a comment.

The Takstar mic is a good product and doesn’t feel cheep. It has decent quality. It will give you significant improvement over the inbuilt mic.

Bad sound recording will ruin event the best video. This is just $30. If you have a DSLR or a mirror-less with a mic-in, go for it. If you have some extra money go for the Rode.

Cannon Camera Connect Issues Fix

I don’t celebrate birthdays but mum wanted to have a cake. She rarely asks for some thing. So I got a cake. She also wanted to get some photos. I thought no problem. I took out my 77D, stuck it to a tripod and connected it to my phone.

But things were not going well. It was very difficult to connect, specially after disconnecting once. Some times I had to restart both the camera and phone. It took so long, the batteries started to drain. I was disappointed. I thought I should have gone for a Fuji or similar with 4K video.

Today there was an update to the Android version of the app. I tried the app again and to my surprise it worked perfectly. Connectivity was fast and had no issues connecting to the camera multiple times.

If you have similar issues, make sure your apps are up to date.

Thank you Cannon.

Is Kaspersky Dangerous?

Installing Windows without an antivirus is such a dumb idea, Microsoft started making their own.

Antivirus is serious business in the virus infested Microsoft Windows echosystem. Security experts are warning government agencies about Kaspersky and advising to axe the product. Barclays has warned 290,000 about Kaspersky. Should you worry about Kaspersky? Should you ditch Kaspersky?

Kaspersky Problem

There is no proof that Kaspersky has helped Russian hackers. What has happened is that a stupid American has taken top secret digital files and opened them in his personal computer. If I am correct these files were viruses / malware built by the Americans. The files have been flagged by Kaspersky security and reported with its contents to Kaspersky servers for further analysis in fear of a new kind of virus.

This data has got displaced. This behavior is normal for all antivirus providers. These data help them make more secure future products. I guess this goes against Uncle Sams and Aunty Queens plans to illegally access your devices.

Is Kaspersky wrong? The only ting wrong about Kaspersky is that they are Russian. Russia is no saint, but they seem to be a responsible world power. They are fixing terrorism problems financed by Uncle Sam and Aunty Queen in Syria.

Barclays & British Problem

I know Barclays for their shit payment gateway. I really-really hated it! I am not sure if they have updated it since I have lately not worked with any Brits.

Barclays hit the news head lines many times with the word “fraud”. If they are really serious about their customer security as they claim, I bet they will have to warn their customers about their sorry choice of bank!

Then comes tbe British problem. They are in a downward spiral. Not so long ago, had the Empire, and they lost it. They had Gold which they extorted from other countries. They lost it. Then they were in the EU. Again, they lost it! I would say, the British should be worried about Brits than Russians!

They all are a bunch of whining looser trying to get attention.

Yet I am worried! Alternatives…

Sure… Do the wise thing, leave the sinking ship. Leave Windows and move to Linux. I know its not easy at first, but later you will be like “Windows is so complicated, unreliable and insecure… WTF was I doing there”.

Your Android phone is Linux! There are a variety of Linux distributions. Some good for beginners and some only suite the geeks. I would like to recommend you to start with Ubuntu. It has a great community and you will find a lot of support online in places like “Ask Ubuntu”.

Thinking about Apple / Mac? Its a good choice. You know what is a better choice? Hugging a fast moving train! Microsoft are busy with malware. Apple is busy figuring out how to implement password auth. Apples can be accessed without a password. Don’t believe me, read this.


Goodness gracious! You must be one heck of a whiner. Just keep your Kaspersky unless you are a looser making virus and malware!

Stop SLT (ISP) Injected Advertisements

I pay money for my Internet. That is $25.00/mo that gives me around 100 GB of bandwidth. But my ISP SLT thinks that is not enough. They inject advertisements when I visit pages completely pissing me off. That is a dick move you jackasses!

The fix

Fortunately the fix is easy. All you have to do is to set up your platforms to use a decent DNS server. I have done so in my router as well as all my computers. I use my own DNS server and no you can’t have it, its for the Bangsajayah family tree only! If interested you can setup your own VPS with Bind (or similar) DNS server.

How ever not to worry. There are many public DNS servers in the world. One is Google. I don’t use Google for privacy reasons. But I guess you don’t care.

Public DNS servers

There are many Public DNS servers. Here is an article with many.

But I recommend you use Google. Its said, “the known devil is better than the unknown angel”!

# Primary:
# Secondary:

Where to set it

You can either setup your individual computers. You need to go to Network Settings, edit your connection and some where there will be the DNS server entries.

Otherwise you can config your router with a DNS server as well. You need to access your routers web UI to update this value. The exact method will vary based on the make and modal of the router. For me it was accessed > Services > DNS > Set DNS Manually.

If you can’t find out, a Google Search will be your best friend.