SLT Free Fiber To Home (FTH)

The Internet keeps me connected with friends, family and work. The latter since I am a freelance software engineer working at home. During the New Year season Thilini from SLT Kotte called me and offered a fiber connection for free with on hidden fees on a Wednesday. I was very busy and only got free time to go to SLT to sign documents on Friday. Today was the day I got to enjoy 100 Mbps downlink and 50 Mbps uplink for the first time in my personal life.

Special Mentions

I would like to thank every one involved in general. Some honorable mentions would be…

What I plan to do

ADSL in 2008 was primarily used for education and entertainment. I have grown old such that even some of the best TV and Movies seem boring to me. I am interested in making video content in domains DIY and IT. I want the quality to be high, starting at FHD.

So yah, I am going to benefit of the 50 Mbps uplink to upload content I create. FTH uplink is 5 times of what the previous downlink was, damn :D !.

My history with ISPs