Stop SLT (ISP) Injected Advertisements

I pay money for my Internet. That is $25.00/mo that gives me around 100 GB of bandwidth. But my ISP SLT thinks that is not enough. They inject advertisements when I visit pages completely pissing me off. That is a dick move you jackasses!

The fix

Fortunately the fix is easy. All you have to do is to set up your platforms to use a decent DNS server. I have done so in my router as well as all my computers. I use my own DNS server and no you can’t have it, its for the Bangsajayah family tree only! If interested you can setup your own VPS with Bind (or similar) DNS server.

How ever not to worry. There are many public DNS servers in the world. One is Google. I don’t use Google for privacy reasons. But I guess you don’t care.

Public DNS servers

There are many Public DNS servers. Here is an article with many.

But I recommend you use Google. Its said, “the known devil is better than the unknown angel”!

# Primary:
# Secondary:

Where to set it

You can either setup your individual computers. You need to go to Network Settings, edit your connection and some where there will be the DNS server entries.

Otherwise you can config your router with a DNS server as well. You need to access your routers web UI to update this value. The exact method will vary based on the make and modal of the router. For me it was accessed > Services > DNS > Set DNS Manually.

If you can’t find out, a Google Search will be your best friend.