I will avoid OpenDNS

I have nothing to hide, but I take privacy very seriously. I moved to OpenDNS because of trust. I had used it many years ago. I had no issues. But this time I felt insecure. I will probably never use them again nor recommend. Here is what happened.

Following the installation of a new router, I set the DNS to OpenDNS. SLT was injecting annoying advertisements when I was visiting links and I was irritated. Things went well for a few days.

Visiting YouTube, I got a warning that the SSL can’t be trusted. I was surprised. I was like “Did Google forget to renew YouTube SSL?”. But then I noticed I was having issues loading some other pages and receiving warnings. A link in the page kind of suggested me to purchase a monthly subscription. I looked close in the YouTube error and it kind of said there seemed to be a “man in the middle attack”.

I knew some thing was off. I wasted no time. I bought a new VPS and installed and configured the open source DNS server Bind. Then I configured my router to use it.

Things are back to normal. I am not sure if I can trust OpenDNS again. If you are privacy conscious and irritated by injected advertisements you should use your own DNS.