SLT ZTE ZXV10 W300 - Avoid if Possible

I have replaced (SLT) ADSL routers 4 times. The last time I did it was today when my old ZTE ZXV10 W300 started to fail. My new Router is a Prolink H5004NK which I got many years ago as a backup. Now I am in Prolink land.

What is ugly

I have owned 2 ZTE routers. Both would heat up quite a bit. I would say about 10°C hotter than competition. Their power adapters are much worst and I think it is fair to say its about 20°C hotter than a normal power pack. That is waste of energy.

Then in the other hand, it has less coverage than the competition. I have found that it covers about 3m less in distance in practical situations.

Adding to the list of issues, mum doesn’t like the design of the ZTE. She like the new Prolink! I couldn’t agree more.

Whats good

The price is really good. It is always on promotion and you will find it few hundred to about a thousand rupees cheaper.

It also survived 3 years. But all my previous routers died of lightning. So I can’t compare life time. But routers live longer. I’d seen Cisco routers and switches well over 10 years old rocking and rolling. How do I know? I worked as a Systems and Network Engineer intern.


You will save a little if you go ZTE. You will find edges of your house having low or no signal. You will also waste electricity. And my mum insists to add ‘it looks ugly’ :D.

SLT is known for their cheap products. I have a mantra not to buy any thing on promotion from them. ZTE is always on promotion so it might be really-really shitty! So do your self a favour. Go for a Prolink. TP-Link is also decent.

This is not a product review, but personal experience!