SLT ADSL - WiFi Router Config

SLT has been my primary ISP since 2002. I got my first ADSL connection in 2008 when I was a first year engineering student. My relationship with SLT is a love-hate kind of a complicated relationship. Today my router, a ZTE ZXV10 W300 started to fail.

I stored an Prolink H5004NK 4 port WiFi ADSL router in my store room for a rainy day. I opened, plugged the network-cable to my laptop and started configuring the connection.

That is when I noticed that I had misplaced the ADSL username and password. I had no way of extracting it from the old router either. So I called up 1212 and asked for a password reset.

Then I followed the Quick Setup but was been told that the connection failed because the username/password was wrong.

I called up 1212 again to be certain. Then the girl on the other side of the phone said I should use @sltbb at the end. I’d sware I tried it. But after the second call it worked. I guess the previous girl might have screwed up???

Any ways here is what you need to do.

Accessing Admin

Quick Setup


Keep in mind that Username and Password comes from SLT. The Pre-Shared Key is the password that WiFi devices will be asked when connecting to your network. I have it written in my wall so any one can use it.