Upgrade to S9 Plus?

Did you check out the S9 and S9+. Simply say, Samsung nailed it! Its a great phone, but I feel its just an improved S8. But if you are in need of a new phone, it is a good phone, with great specifications. I love the AR-imogi, the duel aperture camera, the noise reduction methodologies used and the impressive 960 FPS slow-mo video. Mum was like, “so are you going to buy one?” and my answer was “no”.

I own a Note 3. Yes it is a relic that belongs in the museum but it does the job. With 3 GB RAM, Super Amoled screen, a decent camera and plenty of storage and sufficiently fast 3.5G broad band mobile internet I have just about all I need. Her battery is at 62% in terms of original capacity. My policy to upgrade requires 1 battery replacement which I can only do if it goes below 50% of original capacity.

But that is not all. The S9 was mainly an improved S8. The phones camera has a lot of improvements and new features. But I think they are keeping the good stuff for the 10th anniversary. At this point the Galaxy S will be just Galaxy.

So I thought of skipping the S9. I will see what they put in the Note 9. But I bet it will follow a similar trend. In that case, I wonder, if I have enough juice to wait for the Note 10.