Windows vs Linux - Network Printer

For many Linux is horror. They say things like “It’s complicated”, “It’s difficult to setup” and “I don’t understand”. I thought so too, but today I think of the same w.r.t. Windows and Mac. This is about a network printer setup!

I have 2 laptops. One runs Windows 10 and the other runs Linux (Ubuntu 16.04). I love Linux, but I keep Windows in the side for some software requirements and as a back-up machine.

Today I turned on a Canon printer and configured it as a Network Printer using WiFi. After that I booted both my computers to configure the printer. For my surprise Ubuntu said there was a “Network Printer” and was able to easily setup the printer. For Windows I had to install the driver. For that I had to go to the website download and you know the drill!

So again, Linux is difficult?