Physician Tharaka - Gampaha (නිළ වෙදකම)

Disclaimer: This article is about නිළ වෙදකම, a field of medicine similar to Ayurweda medicine. I believe නිළ වෙදකම is to Ayurweda as Chiropractic is to Medicine. I am by no means an expert in the field. This is merely my personal experience. I couldn’t find an english term for the field of medicine, so I will use “නිළ වෙදකම”, its original name in Sinhala.

Last Friday I got to know about a physician, Tharaka, who is in to නිළ වෙදකම. One of mums friends (aunt Biso) were interested in seeking out his service for her husband. He appeared to have results. Thus my mum was interested in going to see him and today we did.

Aunt Biso’s son-in-law was kind enough to get the number early in the morning. When we got there it was about 7:30 AM and only few were sitting in the chairs. Number available at the time was 27. By 8:30 AM the practitioner arrived. Some patients would take about 15min. Some took only a couple minutes. Mine pesonally took about 5 min and a smiler time for mum.

Treatments noticed




I don’t have sufficient data points for a conclusion. I didn’t find any writing online about the practitioner. He seems to have some positive effect. If you are in to such medicine, it might be worth checking out.