Laptop Upgrade to SSD

My SSD arrived in post on 2nd shipped from Hong Kong. It was a Kingston V300 240GB SSD which I got for $99 shipping included. Earlier I received the HDD Caddy again from Ebay. I finished my work on Friday early and opened up my Asus K55VD with hopes it will be faster by the end of the day. That is what happened.

Given my track record of breaking things, my mum was concerned. I waited for her to take a nap in the afternoon and started the operation.

The outers screws came out easy. But the screws holding the HDD container to the body of the laptop was hard. After a little play it came out. The screws holding the HDD to the container was the worst offender of the day. I had to try many times to get it un-screwed without damaging the thread. Oh boy! My hand really hurt.

By the time I got the second screw, mum walked up to my office room with a cup of tea and a WTH expression in her face. I explained I am upgrading the computer and she was like “how is breaking an upgrade”.

I finally got the screws out. The took place of the HDD. Then I removed the DVD W/R. This can be easily done by removing the rectangular small sticker on the back of the body. Then you have access to a screw. Once you remove it you can pull out the optical drive.

Once you remove it from the machine, you can use a pin to push on the emergency eject button and open up the tray. Otherwise you can just keep the tray ejected before shutting down the computer. There will be a clip on the side. When you press it the outer lip of the drive will come out.

Fit this lip to the HDD caddy. Also pin the HDD derive to the HDD Caddy. Once done just push it inside and screw it back in.

That is it! Now you have a Hybrid Drive. In the case of the Asus K55, that is nearly 1TB (240GB + 750GB).

I installed Ubuntu (after 2 days of Antergos foo-do) and Damn wasn’t it fast! That was even with all my engineering applications installed and running in boot. It is not as fast as my current laptop which is the 7th Gen HP Envy 15 which has an nVME disk but that is plenty.