How Advanced is Asgard - MCU

Realm Eternal, Asgard, the home world of Thor and Asgardians, is an interesting world. Some cultures believe Asgardians to be gods. In that metric, is that haven? In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is clear, they are just an intelligent civilization. This begs the question how advanced are they?

Quantify Advancement of Civilizations

Different civilizations will have different priorities and invent different technology at different times. How ever any civilization would generate/consume power. Based on the generation of power we could categorize civilizations. This was introduced by Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev (1964).

What do we know…

Lets rule out what is impossible.

From what is visible in the comics, they are clearly not Type 4, 5 or 0. By definitions such civilizations are resilient to destruction with the amount of energy at their disposal. Regnarok is the distraction of the world by some mythical creature.

Clearly they are Type 2 or above. Why so? Well there are 2 points.

One, Nidavellir. That is the place where Thors Hammer was made and also the new Stone Breaker. While Odin said that they were forged in the hart of a tying star, if you look at the movie, its more like a Dyson Sphere channelling the collapsed stars energy to a forge.

Point two, the Bifrost, the bridget Asgardians use to travel between worlds. It kind of is like a wormhole. Wormholes cost a lot of energy to make and from what I remember it is in the scale of stars. Which means, at their disposal is more than 1 star of energy.


With this we can rule out Type 1. This is because they use consume energy in magnitudes what a star can produce. This leaves Asgard to be either a Type 2 or Type 3 civilization.

The physics around Asgard ois quite exotic. It is a flat surface. There is some sort of gravity that holds on the atmosphere and its water from falling over the edge. Its more like a floating spaceship with emulated climates. Does it mean that they origin from another planet or a galaxy? If so what happened? Did a war destroy it?

If their original habitat was destroyed, its likely a result of a war, with another Type 3 civilization or themselves. Otherwise they are a Type 2 civilization advancing towards been a Type 3 civilization.

What do you think?