Ubuntu Desktop - Random Rotate

Ubuntu installations go perfectly fine, most of the time at least. This morning I installed Ubuntu 18.04 in an HP Envy 15 having a 7th generation Core i7 processor. Things were off from the beginning. The installation screen was flipped 180 degrees (up side down). Knowing the installation well I went through it without an issue. Following installation the screen will rapidly change orientation. I did some digging and it turned out to be related to the iio-sensor-proxy which if I am correct is a daemon that will check sensors and do calibration. In my case it would freakout and rotate every time it wakes.


You can easy overcome this issue by removing the app.

#~ sudo apt remove iio-sensor-proxy


While this works, the daemon also deals with the gyroscope and ambient light sensor. I doubt the HP Envy 15 would have either. Even if it does, I can live without it.

The iio-sensor-proxy had a config file. In an earlier day I was able to just switch off the rotation. It was simply commenting out a line, which I don’t remember where.

Hope it helped and as always Happy Hacking!