Github Compromised - Alternatives?

Goodness! Have you heard the whining of panicked sissies whining about the Microsoft acquisition of Github. Don’t tell me you don’t know it!

About the acquisition, to be honest, I was personally disappointed, but what the heck! Microsoft was a developer centric company. I think Basic was one of their first products. Visual Studio Code is arguably the best editor in the world (for at least their languages). They have always been in the front of software development and the future is going to be software. They just want a piece of it. This acquisition makes total sense to me. They are not going behind your precious billion dollar code, grow your self a pair!

I was asked if I would move. I already have my own privately hosted GitLab server. Which hosts my most private research. 90% of my and my clients code otherwise is hosted at Github and few at Bitbucket. And I have no plans to migrate. Neither any of my clients.

In fact, I believe, if they really wanted, they would find much more economical and low risk ways to get their hands on our code. Give me a break.

Any ways here are a few alternatives for you!

Alternatives to GH

How ever if you are not comfortable that Satya Nadella fiddling with your privates, there are plenty of alternatives, that support private hosting.


While I landed on Github early. I wasn’t using it much, mainly been the cost of hosting private repositories. My intense Git use started when I was working for Orpiva (formally Clothes Network). They had hosted GitLab in their own server farm. This is the same time I got serious about my pet projects and starting hosting them at GitLab. I am pretty sure the CTO of Orpiva, Bjoern Rennhak, was the one to point me at

GitLab has (or at least had) a moto “Better than GitHub”. Its ironic becurse the source code of GitLab was it self hosted at Github. You can install GL in your own server. Other wise you can use which has both free and paid subscriptions. unlimited private repositories without storage limitation. Like GitHub it supports static web hosting. So if you like what GitHub has to offer, GitLab is for you.



Bitbucket was my 2nd stop after GitLab. I have couple clients today who use Bitbucket. It is a great platform. To be honest, I personally prefer GitHub and GitLab.

Like GitLab it offers unlimited repositories both public and private. How ever it does have a 2 GB storage limit. There is a static web hosting option but I have not personally tried it.


Other honorable mentions

I have personally used CodePlex and what I believe is Google Code in my university days to host my university projects. There is also SourceForge, Manuscript.

If you would look around you might find more. But IMHO you would be good with either GitLab or Bitbucket regardless of the size of your organization.


I think its good for the future. I just hope Satya won’t ramp up the prices. Then no cool!