The Expanse Saved

The Expanse is Saved! I would like to make this an opportunity to thank Jeff Bezos, the guys at Amazon, The Expanse family and the other fellow fans for getting Expanse another season.

The first season of the Expanse was not very special. I almost dropped from the show. But over time the show improved. This improvement was clearly visible in Season 2. It is in this time I fell in love with Chrisjen Avasarala (played by Shohreh Aghdashloo) and Roberta (Bobby) Draper (Frankie Adams) and the spy Cotyar (Nick E Tarabey). I also started to like Amos (Wes Chatham).

Season 3 was a shocker. It was as perfect a good story could be. I was hoping to see Chrisjen be the Queen (Sec Gen) of UN and Bobby and Cotyar by her side. Cotyar died and Bobby is in a MCRN ship. I should have known better. May be that is why E06 wasn’t as appealing to me as the previous 5.

Syfi cancelled the show. They have a habit of cancelling good shows and continuing shit stories.

The Expanse team (specially Cas Anwar) and the loyal fan base have convinced Jef Bezos and Amazon to pick up the show.

It is great news! God Bless Amazon! You earned a customer!