- I am disappointed!

I was interested in getting a paint remover. Searching online, I found some thing good on MyDeals. Without hesitation I created an account logging through Facebook and placed an order. I decided to pick it up from the store as I was in a hurry.

Lack of communication

I checked my mail and there were no emails. I checked the order and stated no sign that it was ready to pickup. To confirm I gave a call to the help line 4 times. I was greeted by a message. I choose both Sinhalese and English but neither options gave me to a handler.

Pickup by 3rd party

Since I was busy today I sent a guy working for me to pick it up with a printed receipt. He was told that he can’t take the item. He gave me a call and I talked to a girl. They had an issue giving the item to a different person. I told the girl to give me a call to my cell and that I will confirm to give it to the guy in the store. She said they don’t do it and that I had to send them an email. One problem is that the Facebook login created an account with an email I don’t use. During the conversation I got pissed and told “Get me your bloody manager”. I am sorry for hurting her feelings, but I was pissed about their inability to answer a phone or send emails.

Then they gave me a call, asked for my ID card number, and gave the item to my guy.

Step up your game!

MyDeals guys need to step up their communication. The most important aspect of business is communication. Send an email when an order is placed. Send an email when the order is ready. Does it cost a nickle to send an email?

They have to understand not every one is free to pick things up in person. If a 3rd party has a printed receipt, they can confirm by calling the customer to hand over the purchase to the bearer of the receipt. Don’t need to have a pissed off customer to do it.


I still think Sri Lanka is not ready for e-commerce. There are many people who have complained about rough edges and difficulty to procure purchased items in Sri Lankan e-commerce. I hope they step up the game. Until then, I will be visiting stores.