Field Selection Advanced Level

Following the Sri Lankan OL (Ordinary Level) exam few family friends asked me for my opinion on what they should do for AL. Some say do what your hearts desire. Some say do Math and be an Engineer or do Biology and be a Doctor. Then there are Commerce and Arts fields as well.

In my opinion you should do field selection based on market demands and your capabilities. As per future global job trends, I would recommend choosing a science stream field and get higher education (at minimum a BSc, preferably a MSc or PhD). It will be working solution and your life will be comfortable.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do what you love to do. If you do, you will face challenges more challenging than doing a degree in Science stream. But you will be living your dream. That is a luxury not many have.

The choice is yours. Life will be a bitch, always. Live your life, wish you best of luck.