LG 43UJ63 4K TV - Abans Sri Lanka

Lightning, the force once worshipped as a God, burnt my TV last week! The high tension power post right next to our boundary wall (about 60 feet) from the TV was struck by lightning. The trip acted but it was too late for my 3 year old Samsung TV.

I must say it was the most peaceful few days I’d had in a long time. But it was tough for mum who loves her TV shows. I remember the time our old Sony Trinitron failed when I was a child and how lonely and depressed I got. I thought of getting a TV in the 40in range. Because mum had developed a fondness for YouTube I thought of getting a Smart TV.

I went shopping for a TV today. I dropped at the Singer showroom at Thalahena and the Abans showroom at Malabe. Singer had Samsung and Sony. Abans had LG.

Samsung Smart TVs run Tizen, Samsungs internaly built operating system that powers smart watches and even some smart phones. It would be good for me to get one as I can build and test apps for Tizen I thought. The Sony IMO had better image quality. I mean when it comes to up scaling images. But it operating system is Opera. LG uses WebOS. It is known to be fast.

After some thinking I decided to go for a LG 43U63 TV. It is about 38in wide (TV size is not width, but its diagonal). Its a 4K UHD TV and I got it for LK Rs. 120,000/=. The FHD (1080p) version of it (supporting WebOS 3.0) was 100,000/=. But I decided to spice things up (at least occasionally) and got a 4K TV.

Its picture quality is amazing when viewing 4K content (ex: through the YouTube app). Sound is quite good. Watching TV though Sri Lanka Telecom Peo TV is not bad but has some artefacts of up-scaling. But its not bad. I wish PeoTV will soon adopt at least Full HD.

I wished they came with BlueTooth audio support. But it doesn’t. I will have to rely on an external utility to get it handled. That way mum can watch TV as loud as she likes without disturbing me.

Overall I am happy with the purchase. If you have a question ask me.