Thumula Gets Married

I just got home from Thumula Jayathilake’s wedding. I’d make this an opportunity to wish them a great future. The wedding was at the Grand Kandyan, my first visit there, and a beautiful and great hotel.

I met Thumula on the orientation ceremony. If I remember correct, he asked me for a pen, and that is when we had a chat and I got to know that he was around Katugastota. I looked for him that evening when we went to the Akbar Canteen but he was not to be found.

Few days later I met him in the Katugastota Peradeniya (Petroleum Corporation) bus. I also got to know Susantha Wijesekara and Anuradha Herath who lived close by. I was warned many times by ragging seniors indirectly not to keep close friendships with them. Been the stubborn one and anti raggers not been the ones psychologically traumatized I preferred their friendship. In the mean time I maintained a blog that got me in some serious hot water.

One day Susantha suggested I come to the common room to have a chat with some seniors and I became ALA.

Since then I would often meet Thumula because we would come in the same bus, live in the common room, and go in the same bus even if lectures finished early. When I would bring the car, I would give him a ride and vice versa.

Today (well technically yesterday) I met him almost after 6 years. Its been a long time. It was nice to meet some of my old friends.

And again… good luck guys!