Free News Papers Delivered to Home

This incidence relates to a Wijaya Newspapers. Wijya are to deliver news papers to your door step if you pay up front (3 months, 6 months or 12 months). The provided pricing is as such, you will get a 20% discount. So if you are an avid news paper reader, you can call them up and setup delivery.

I woke up early. I went to my office room and continued some work that was bugging me last night. While I was at it and sipping a cup of tea I heard some thing landing on my garden. It was a bunch of papers. I was unusual, but I thought it would be for mum, and got it inside.

She was her self puzzled. I suggested asking our neighbors if it was theirs. After I had finished work on the issue I got dressed and head out to ask about the papers.

For my surprise, I found out that the whole lane was supplied with news papers, wroth about Rs. 150. No one seemed to know why.

I had a hypothesis that there would be some advertisements related to the up coming elections. I checked but there were no advertisements. There was no common denominator when it came to front page news to suggest some one wanted to make a point.

Why those papers were delivered remains a mystery. Have you also received such?