Visiting Gardener at Malabe

I am a busy web developer working in US and European time lines. I have little free time. I like gardening, but I am always working. A good gardner is important to keep the garden clean, dengue free, and beautiful.

With the help of a friend, mum found a new gardner. He charges Rs. 1500/day. At first I wasn’t sure but I gave him the chance. I was pleasantly surprised. In 2 days he cleared a messy 45 perch garden. About half the garden is grass which I trim. Then there are mums vegetables, fruits and flowers. He cleans and fertilizes. He comes at 8 and leaves sharp 4.

The only issue with him is that he has his own priorities. Just tell him what needs to happen and he will update your garden. He doesn’t like been chased and advised while working. That is not an issue. He knows what he is doing.

The guy is about 60 years old, but energetic. He is a cancer patient. He needs the money for his medication and food. He only works around Thalahena and Malabe because he can’t travel by bus due to his operation.

If you are interested, drop me a mail to with the address and other details. He doesn’t have a phone. But when he comes, I can tell him if you ask me.