Sri Lanka - E Waste Recycle

E waste is a danger for the natural eco system and needs to be disposed responsibly, some thing Sri Lankans know very little about as I hear. Its time to change. There are locations where you can drop off your e-waste for them to be disposed of safely.

I was cleaning my store room today and remains of 4 computers, 1 laptop, 1 tablet, 4 phones, 31 CFL bulbs, nearly 200 dead batteries, 3 UPS units, 1 organ and more. Mum was like “Garbage!” but once I said the dangers of the e-waste they got sorted, bagged and I got one month to dispose of them.

She called my uncle, T M R Bangsajayah, the former Managing Director of Sri Lanka Insurance, for information. He told there is a company in Rajagiriya that collects waste and that he will find their contact and give. I believe he was talking about Green Link (Pvt) Ltd.

I am going to call them up tomorrow and schedule a pickup if possible or deliver it to their collection center since all is bagged and tagged.