Lighting and Electrical Contractor

Lighting in important for the looks of a house. We had old fashioned CFLs. It looked ugly and the toxins is a health hazard. I decided to update all the ceiling lighting to LEDs. I also wanted to add new many new plug points as I use a lot of devices. I can do all of it, but I don’t have the time. A friend of mine referred Siripala, a contractor to help me out.

Siripala is patient and listens. I am not sure if that is because I am an engineer. But he is not a jack ass like others in the industry. His pricing is competitive but most importantly does the job well. I was actually surprised to know that he was actually in to painting and interior decorating since he did the wiring better than the average John Doe electrician.

He told me that his charges were 1500 per outlet but I was able to agree on a final bill of 15000. He did all the shopping too. That is a big bonus to me as I am not free. I won’t say he is cheap. I have noticed him to deliver and hard working.

He is available in and around Colombo. You can give him a ring and talk it out.