Cannon 77D Available at Metropolitan (Agent)

Memories are important, I learnt it the hard way. Since I started valuing a good photo/video I have been looking for a decent camera to buy. I started with the Sony A6000. It was too old, though it was in par with even modern DSLRs in the price range. It was also compact. But I changed my mind when I noticed the Cannon 77D.

I checked out the 77D in CameraLK. Almost instantly I fell in love with the camera and determined to get one my self. A friend of mine advised me to check the dealers. One-and-a-half months back they, Metropolitan (M Center), didn’t have it and said the first stock will arrive in a couple months time.

Today I checked with them over the phone and got a surprise news.

The 77D is available. With the 18-55mm kit lens it costs nearly 150,000 rupees. How ever there seems to be cash-back deal. That is they return some thing around 17,000 rupees later by cheque. That means it is a good price for the camera.

You might want to stop by the M-Center in Bambalapitiya if you like to have a look. I am busy and might need to wait till next week to get my hands on one.