A Happy New Year To You

This is one of the most important times of the year for a Sri Lankan. It is the Sinhalese and Hindu new year, the local new year. It is an important time in the year for me and my family, we are Malay Muslims though. I make this an opportunity to wish you a happy new year, regardless of your ethnicity and your religion.

The generally accepted new year is just a change in calendar numbers. People get excited for no apparent reason. The Sinhalese and Hindu new year is different. It reassembles the transition of the sun from Pisces to Aries. You can read a lot more abut the festival here.

I am looking forward to prepare milk rice and enjoy some Kavum, Kokis and other tasty sweets.

While I wish you a wonderful new year, I hope you will be able to accomplish your dreams in the year to come.