Student Unions - Throttle Down

I was on the line with a friend who said “I am stuck on the road for hours, this mother f—–s are blocking the road again”. I had to remind him his past, when he told how protests were fun, but it is not so now, he agreed with a heavy sigh!

Violence is the problem

I am in the grounds, every problem should be solved with a gentle fashion. We talk, we compromise, we vote and then we make legislation. I also believe students should not be ragged physically and mentally but rather be involved in our research and development. Carrying these views was what put me in hot waters once and had to join the minority Anti Ragging groups and be Ala (the ignored).

Protests are a bigger problem than SAITM

Students in public universities led by the Anthare (Inter University Students Federation) are hitting the roads very often. I doubt a single day goes by without them showing up in the news. They have no respect for the countries law, nor for the police who keeps the society safe :sweat:.

The demonstrations make damage to public infrastructure, damage private property, makes congestion so bad, hundreds of thousands of man hours lost every protest :sob:.

They are just adrenaline junkies demonstrating the strength and stupidity of the youth. I guess it is a mating ritual which seems to be working :smile:.

Right for Education

Students in SAITM have a right for education. They pay money and they get educated. It is not some thing you should worry about. Your parents and my mother didn’t have money to get us private education, but we shouldn’t be jealous of their parents achievements. Your worry should be how your parents can be better, not cause worry for the parents who are!

For the record, I personally don’t like SAITM. But I strongly believe we need good Private Universities. I stand strong we should help them correct them selves and if they fail to absorb the university to the government and maintain it as a paid university.

Substandard? No problem!

Our public universities are well established, recognized internationally, better equipped, has the best of teachers and the sharpest (may not be the finest or smart - :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - given their collective behavior) students the country has to offer. Why are we worried about them?

I can’t emphasize enough. Every one has a right to learn from who ever they want. Let them learn. But there are points where as responsible professionals we should be involved to defend.

Even not meeting this facts, I don’t think any one should intervene with their education.

Abolishing SAITM is not at all a solution. We need private universities to be better and we need more of them!