Chrome Kills DOT Dev - Use DOT Test

Last night I was involved with some refactoring in I went to bed following a dist-upgrade in Ubuntu. This morning when I fired up rails s and opened the project in Chrome I was greeted with an error. It was an issue about the certificate. FireFox was unaffected by this.

Google nabs dot-dev

Google had acquired the rights for the .dev domain in 2015. But until recently using .dev for local development wasn’t an issue. I didn’t use .test because most of my clients had their projects configured to use .dev for local environment.

This is a total dick move by Google.

Time to change

I would recommend the use of dot-test (.test). It is a reserved name by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). A list of domain names you can use are as follows…

In addition, I think you can also use .local. It is generally used in private networks for networking devices.

When you change, you may need to…


It was time to move away from .dev 2 years ago. But since Google is forcing you out, you have to either ditch chrome or move to some thing like .test.

In my side, I think it is time to publish some new tutorials on how to configure local development using .test.