Car Dream Killer Budget

It sure isn’t a good time for people on wheels or people who would like to be on wheels. The 2018 budget presented by the finance minister of Sri Lanka surely would disappoint petro-heads as well as early adopters of EVs.

So what has changed? Taxes, that is what has changed!

There will be a carbon tax based on the CC capacity of the engine for vehicles. Also duty on vehicles will also be based on the capacity of the engine.

Thinking of going electric? There is not much of a luck either! I calculated the tax for a Tesla Model 3 in Sri Lanka (if it comes here) would be an excessive of 8 million. That is crazy. For health reasons lets not talk about prices of a Tesla Model X, Tesla Model S or some thing like the a BMW i8.

Mangala is trying to make it look like the taxes are there to save the environment. But every one knows that the pathetic situations of the economy is to be blamed. God bless this country and us who live in it, that is all I have to say!