CodeIgniter ColdFusion Mixup

I have had my fare share of embarrassing mix-ups in my life. The best one would be the day I applied to a ColdFusion job thinking that it was a CodeIgniter job in my early days at oDesk/UpWork. I went through the interview process and got selected. Unknown language and an urgent fix for a live e-commerce website, how more fun can life get?

I knew I was in trouble the moment I opened the project in the editor. I was just starting been a full time freelancer and a bad rating would have been catastrophic at that stage, so I improvised.

I was perfect with HTML, CSS, JavaScript so I started on those issues first while every 30 minutes I would take a break and do some reading on ColdFusion. By the second day I had enough to challenge the CF code base, and that is what I did.

Bugs were resolved and the website was fine again. We also worked on some features.

Surviving an unknown language, which they clearly knew, probably landed me on Ruby with the same client. I worked for the next 2 years with Ruby based technology. Among one of the projects is the transition of the CF e-commerce website I worked on to Ruby on Rails using Spree E Commerce platform.

That website is Buttercup Cake Shop.