Ubuntu dnsmasq systemd-resolved High CPU

I am always about stability, but since I have 2 work laptops I thought of giving Ubuntu 18.04 (beta) a shot. I configured the machine to serve .test domains using dnsmasq using a old blog post of mine. I then noticed the computer glitching. When I checked 2 processes were using nearly 100% CPU. This was not an issue with Ubuntu 16.04.

I had little luck following answers in StackOverflow and ServerFault. Then I thought of giving in my own solution.

My local network is simple. It has a WiFi router which is also an ADSL modem. It has DHCP enabled for any guests. But I use static IPs for my local computers, printers etc so I know the device by the IP. Thus I have manually configured network settings.

The idea is that the network manager to use localhost to resolve DNS queries which dnsmasq handle. dnsmasq will point .test domains to localhost and query a configured dns server for other requests. I believe there will also be some caching in dnsmasq side that will speed up things.

  • Set the DNS address for the network connection to (localhost)
  • Set the DNS address in dnsmasq to the router or a service you prefer

For the latter you would require to edit the /etc/dnsmasq.conf file.

# Add other name servers here, with domain specs if they are for
# non-public domains.
# server=/localnet/

Normally we would have few DNS addresses configured. In my case the router has been configured to have 2 DNS servers.

Your options for a DNS servers…

  • Cloud Flare (launched in April 1st 2018)
  • Google,

There are many other DNS services.

After the update my computer is operating much smoother.

Ubuntu 18.04 - UpWork Screenshot Error

Today was going to be the first day I would use Ubuntu 18.04 for work. Been a freelancer working through UpWork it is important that the UpWork tracker would work. It installed fine but when I used it this morning I noticed that there were no images in the screen shots taken. Some thing was wrong. I logged in to UpWork and my suspicions were proved when it red “Screenshot coming soon”.

The issue couldn’t have been due to a dependency. If it was, then UpWork wouldn’t install at all. Then it occurred to me that I was on Wayland and I had a hiccup with a screen capture app as well. I then logged out and logged in using XOrg.

To do this…

  • Logout
  • Select your user account
  • Then click the cog icon right under the password
  • Select Xorg variant (for example: Communitheme Xorg)
  • Login

Thats it, after that your UpWork tracker will work fine.

PS: I kind of like how the new UpWork client workspace is. Every thing seems to be grouped neatly. Good work UpWork!

Ubuntu 18.04 - First Things First

Ubuntu 18.04 is not out yet, but that shouldn’t stop you. I installed an pre release in my secondary laptop and as far as I can every thing is cool except some apps (so far Nodejs) not having official repos for it. I only stick with LTS versions. As a result, I am jumping from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04.

I have been a huge Unity fan. My heart sank when Ubuntu officially notified that Unity will be discontinued. Now Ubuntu comes with the Gnome shell. Been a power user what irritates me is the difference in keyboard short cuts. I bet they can be customized but I don’t. I need to feel the pain.

This are the first few steps I followed setting up my laptop and what I think is important. I will update this article in time.


Once you install a Linux distribution, it is always a good idea to install any upgrades. I run this every few days at night.

~# sudo apt update
~# sudo apt dist-upgrade 


Ubuntu looks great out of the box, but we can make it personalized. Gnome Tweak Tool is a great tool that can help you customize the shell to your desire.

~# sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool


I lost apatite for the aging Ambiance GTK theme long time ago. Thankfully Ubuntu guys are developing a new theme named Communitheme which is a flat GTK theme with dark headers. Lets install that first.

~# sudo add-apt-repository ppa:communitheme/pp
~# sudo apt update
~# sudo apt install ubuntu-communitheme-session

Using the Unity Tweak Tool set the Applications to Communitheme. For a long time I have used the Numix Circle Icon Theme but since Saru comes with Comminitheme I am going to give it a chance. Here are a list of icon themes I find interesting.

Install 3rd Party Codecs

I normally do this when installing the OS because there is no point keeping it for later. We are going to at some point play media. These packages come in the ubuntu-restricted-extras

~# sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras

Night Light

Blue light in the night can interrupt with your sleep. Ubuntu 18.04 comes inbuilt with a night light plugin. You can setup a schedule for it to automatically turn on. I have done it from 10 PM to 6 AM.

Go to Settings > Devices > Night Light and configure it to your interest.

WIP: TODO: Some cool gnome plugins and Ubuntu Software

Field Selection Advanced Level

Following the Sri Lankan OL (Ordinary Level) exam few family friends asked me for my opinion on what they should do for AL. Some say do what your hearts desire. Some say do Math and be an Engineer or do Biology and be a Doctor. Then there are Commerce and Arts fields as well.

In my opinion you should do field selection based on market demands and your capabilities. As per future global job trends, I would recommend choosing a science stream field and get higher education (at minimum a BSc, preferably a MSc or PhD). It will be working solution and your life will be comfortable.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do what you love to do. If you do, you will face challenges more challenging than doing a degree in Science stream. But you will be living your dream. That is a luxury not many have.

The choice is yours. Life will be a bitch, always. Live your life, wish you best of luck.

Hard to Find Monitor Arms in Sri Lanka

A monitor is a tool, but an incorrectly placed monitor can be a pain in the neck, quite literally. On doctors advice I started looking for a monitor-arm to place the monitor to reduce strain on the neck and eyes.

I started a search online. Except for some forum posts, I didn’t find any dealer selling monitor arms. Then I started calling one by one. After going through most of the major dealers I am exhausted and am thinking of giving up the search with no success.

Then I tried eBay and Amazon. There were many good models to choose from. Here are some that I liked.