SETrans to get AI and Nural

SETrans development is going grate. Pramod and I have been successful in improving SETrans translation accuracy. More and more it gets evident that we need to improve our approach to get get better results.

We have been using meta information of the language to detect patterns. We store patterns in one language and how it translates to the other (kind of re arrangement) and then do a dictionary based translation.

One problem we have is that some patterns from the source language, maps with the destination language, differently based on the context. Making things more complicated, the two languages pack information differently, meaning some times we don’t just have sufficient information to make a proper translation.

Solving this problem is our main focus for the next few months.

The plan is to have a daemon to monitor the context of the translation to try patch missing information. These assumptions made will be made available to the user who will then make a final decision.

Then the tackle the uncertainty in patterns, we plan to implement a neural based approach. This will take in to account individual words and build it self up from user corrections.

What's Jekyll?

Jekyll is a static site generator, an open-source tool for creating simple yet powerful websites of all shapes and sizes. From the project’s readme:

Jekyll is a simple, blog aware, static site generator. It takes a template directory […] and spits out a complete, static website suitable for serving with Apache or your favorite web server. This is also the engine behind GitHub Pages, which you can use to host your project’s page or blog right here from GitHub.

It’s an immensely useful tool and one we encourage you to use here with Hyde.

Find out more by visiting the project on GitHub.

EngEx2010 - Day 3 - Huge Crowd and Exhausted

My goodness, I don’t know if we fetched the entire population of Sri Lanka, but every thing was packed. My voice was very faint and Pasindu had gone almost mute. Pramod was taking most of the pulling today and I was also there for this help.

We demonstrated and demonstrated to what seemed to be till all eternity. I was most of the time sated as my legs couldn’t take any more standing. Pasindu left a little early.

At the end we had a little party in the burger stall with some Coke. Exhausted we still had to pull our computers (the CRT monitors and every thing else) to the 5th floor.

I couldn’t take it any more. I literally was crawling my way down sitting down every few steps. The rain had made the car park muddy and people had problems moving their cars. I took the car around the car park and jumped to the tar road to avoid getting stuck.

Was home by 2 AM and mum was still awake.

EngEx2010 - Day 2 - Great impressions

Oh boy! Didn’t we see some heavy traffic today. Yesterday was peaches to what we saw today. I came home at almost midnight. I am exhausted but there is some thing important to write down.

First time in our recorded history, we got a Rs. 100,000 rupee donation. Thats more than 4 months my mums salary. Wow!

There was this guy who was really enthusiatic about what we were doing. I was having issues explaining as my voice was going off. Both Pramod and Pasindu also joined it. Seen the scene Dr. Elkaduwa also moved in. We were later told that we had received an donation and that it is the first of its kind. He asked what we would like to do, we said we would liek a computer been purchased for the CE.

Again the same sad situation is there. Girls are skipping our stall for the game next door. I feel like throwing him off the window.

But there was this one Muslim girl with here boyfriend showing a lot of interest and smiled at me. Pramod was like I should ask for th enumber but I was worried I will get a slap in my face.

EngEx2010 - Day 1 with EngSin

We were there early morning. The Japanese Embasidor opened the event and went through the exhibits. He was rushing through but at our position he had stopped for a few seconds when Dr. Elkaduwa explained him what we done short and sweet.

The crowd today was not bad as bad as the seniors had mentioned but there was a lot. We took turns explaining the implementation. Many university students showed interest. But all the beautiful girls stopped by the stall next door which was a game. We are really dissapointed.

How ever tomorrow is another day and it ends on Sunday! The 3 single guys keeping our hopes high!